Dear OCF young person,

The Teen Crew is now accepting applications for the 2019 Fair. The application deadline is April 15th. There are a limited number of positions, so the sooner you get your application and consent form in the better your chances of getting a crew position. Please read this carefully before applying.

What Is Teen Crew?

The Oregon Country Fair Teen Crew is a program set up for the descendants of folks who work, volunteer, and entertain at the Fair. You should not apply for this program if you do not have a close relative or guardian that works, volunteers, or entertains at the Fair and is willing to be responsible for you and is willing to have you to camp with them.

Teen Crew members work as trainees on other Fair crews. The jobs vary depending on the crew. Teen Crew members work a total of 12 hours, usually in three 4 hour shifts. Working on Teen Crew is a responsibility and involves making a commitment to work your assignment as others will be depending on you. If you don't really want to work four hours each day of the Fair then you should not apply to Teen Crew.

Teen Crew members get their own T-shirts and wristbands (camping passes). They receive food vouchers if working during the Fair itself (some jobs are pre-Fair). Teen crew members are required to camp with their Fair Guardians. There is not a separate Teen Camping area.


You are eligible to apply to the OCF Teen Crew if you will be 13 through 19 years old on July 12th, 2019 and have a relative who is an OCF staff person, entertainer, or booth person.

Note that Teen Crew is for those 14 through 18 years of age. If you're 13 you're only going to get a position if there aren't enough older applicants. If you're 19 you're only going to get a position if there aren't enough older applicants for the late night spots.

Application Process

Fill in the on-line application by April 15thand hit send to apply. You need to do this even if you have been on Teen Crew before.

You'll have an opportunity to select a preferred crew from the list of crews that want teens this year. We try really hard to put you on the crew that you prefer but that is not always possible. Be sure you fill out the entire application form.

You'll receive a confirmation of your application via email.

If you're under 18 your parent or guardian will receive a separate email containing a link that they'll need to click to give their consent for you to be on crew. You won't be assigned a position until after your consent is received.

Crew acceptance emails will be sent to you no later than May 15th.

Thinking Ahead

If you are 17 or 18 you will soon be too old for Teen Crew and should be thinking about seeking a permanent crew assignment. Speak up if there are any crews that interest you on which you haven't yet been assigned. We are looking forward to seeing you again this year!

Lori Cunnington
Teen Crew Coordinator